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            High quality and high quality lathe to help industrial upgrading

            Release date:2015-08-07Views:1246

            People are concerned about the safety of the car, and with the implementation of the national energy saving and emission reduction measures, the fuel consumption of the vehicle is also paid much attention. These factors cause the automobile parts enterprises to spare parts processing

            By sex, production efficiency, accuracy, cost, and so put forward higher requirements. For large quantities such as automobile production mode, need to have high engineering capability index, high precision machine tools to produce high precision parts. For

            The ind ex Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., general manager of Kline (RainerKehder), Mr. said: "we will not only for these users provide high added value of the solution, will be in our world

            Rich experience in the field of high-end precision manufacturing to meet the user's real challenges and future development needs.

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